The body is amazing in the ability to heal itself.  A gentle nudge can be all the body needs to move back into balance.  If the issue is long standing several nudges may be needed.

I get so much satisfaction when helping a client restore their body back to balance (homeostasis).  We are a continuous whole that cannot be separated into parts.  My extensive anatomical knowledge,  deep appreciation of the nervous sytem and curiosity, allow me to connect and encourage healing in your body.  To heal, the nervous system must be in a state of regulation and feel safe.  I use humor, breath awareness, intention and connection to create a safe healing environment.

When I am not working or studying with top educators in the health and wellness field, I enjoy the gifts of nature: hiking, biking, skiing, rafting and adventuring.  My goal is to live life to its fullest while expanding my knowledge and skill base to bring more effective techniques to you.

A licensed massage therapist; she studies anatomy, yoga, Visceral, Vascular & Neural Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral Therapy and Fascia..

Donna Waldrop - Beyond Massage