Here is my story and why I love and fully believe in the bodywork I specialize in!

In my late 40s I had a significant ski accident that had me debilitated for weeks.  Slowly I healed (so I thought) and went on with my life.

Over the next two years I lost the natural curve of my neck, developed chronic neck pain and could barely turn my head. Compound that with an unstable S/I joint and a cranky hip and life was getting hard. I tried many different forms of alternative healing with no lasting results.

During my four day Visceral Manipulation trainings I would often find myself supporting my head in my left hand while studying or taking class notes because my neck tired so easily.

After receiving one session combining Visceral, Neural and Vascular Manipulation; my neck pain resolved, my S/I joint stabilized and my hip regained normal movement.  Here’s the thing, most of that session focused on releasing soft tissue spams deep within my left hip (not my neck or S/I joint).

Over time my body developed a lesion chain from my left hip to my throat causing a subtle shortening on that side.  I was totally unaware that my head was constantly being pulled toward my left hip and my neck muscles were fighting the tension and failing. Lesion chains are very common with trauma, happening slowly weeks to months after the event, making it difficult to diagnose.

Along with posture misalignment, my soft tissue spasm created nerve and vascular compression affecting hip movement, destabilizing my S/I joint and leading to venous congestion. I know my health would have continued to deteriorate if I hadn’t received this work!



Donna Waldrop - Beyond Massage
Donna is a licensed massage therapist; she studies anatomy, yoga, Visceral, Vascular & Neural Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral Therapy and Fascial Release Work..