Aging doesn’t equal glasses.  Even if you have been wearing glasses since grade school,  YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR EYESIGHT!

We have been led to believe vision is mechanical and only involves the eyes.  Good vision involves so much more!

Seeing clearly is effected by;

  • how visual information is processed
  • tension in the eye muscles
  • neck and shoulder tension
  • breath
  • how safe we feel in the world
  • emotions
  • how we look at the world

My vision became blurry and I began wearing readers at age 39.  In 2008 I got my first pair of prescription glasses for near vision.  By 2010 my vision was even worse.  I now needed both a stronger “near” correction and also one for distance!  Wearing glasses seemed to make my eyes worse, furthermore I now found myself wearing them all the time.  I wanted to improve my eyesight, not mask the symptoms.  Later I discovered that glasses lock the eyes into a strain pattern causing more strain.

Thankfully I had the good fortune to discovered Natural Vision Improvement in 2014.  With proper lighting and by relaxing my eyes, I can read very well and function without glasses.

If I am stressed, it is difficult to clear my vision.  Lighting, print type and contrast also play a big role.

Its interesting that as my vision improves I find myself more outgoing and connecting with others and my environment!

Better Vision combines relaxation, relearning natural vision habits, nutrition and exploring beliefs and emotions regarding seeing and being seen.

Relearn  the natural vision habits you had as a child.

Natural vision improvement is not a replacement for medical care, please continue to see your eye care specialist.


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